The imperfect human beings in the birthmark a short story by nathaniel hawthorne

He was a Puritan and was the first of the family to emigrate from England, settling in Dorchester, Massachusettsbefore moving to Salem.

The imperfect human beings in the birthmark a short story by nathaniel hawthorne

Check our homepage for new, visually rich, fast and immersive experiences! It speaks of issues that are not just skin-deep. Penlighten Staff Last Updated: Feb 10, Did You Know? Hawthorne was a newlywed when he wrote The Birthmark. He also happens to be the author of the famous story called, "The Scarlet Letter".

The story instantly fell into the genre of dark romanticism. In the process of making her "perfect". Summary and Analysis The narrator informs us the readers that the story takes place in the late s.

Plot Overview

He introduces us to a scientist and philosopher called Aylmer who has stopped his work for a while to marry a beautiful woman called Georgiana. Georgiana is not just beautiful but next-to-perfect physicallyexcept for a little red hand-shaped birthmark on her left cheek.

This mark is prominent when she is pale but disappears when she blushes. Other women have claimed it to be a blemish on her otherwise flawless beauty.

Her previous suitors have wished to risk their lives to kiss it and believe that it made her even more attractive.

The imperfect human beings in the birthmark a short story by nathaniel hawthorne

Soon after their marriage, Aylmer begins to get unnaturally obsessive over the birthmark. He is so possessed by it that he dreams of it one night. A few days later, Georgiana informs him that he was talking in his sleep and saying, "It is in her heart now; we must have it out!. Aylmer tells her that he had dreamed that he removed the birthmark, which ran beyond her skin and went deep down to her heart, which he decided to cut out.

Georgiana is horrified and hurt. She begins to feel unloved and imperfect, so much, that she is willing to risk everything to get the birthmark erased.

Words in This Story

The next day, Aylmer takes her to an apartment where he has his little laboratory. Georgiana wakes up in a sweet-smelling room that has been decorated for her. Aylmer comforts her warmly.In addition, Georgiana’s birthmark also demonstrates the power of nature because it captivates and intoxicates almost everyone who sees it.

In the end, Aylmer’s attempt to control nature with science ends only in death and unhappiness. In Aylmer's mind, the birthmark becomes the symbol of human imperfection. Some time later, Aylmer tells his wife of a dream he had, in which he tried to surgically remove the birthmark.

The imperfect human beings in the birthmark a short story by nathaniel hawthorne

The deeper he cut, he explains, the deeper the birthmark went, until it was a part of Georgiana's very heart. The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne. The Birthmark () is about a scientist, Aylmer, who is obsessed with removing a blemish from his wife's cheek. A fine example of Hawthorne's contribution to the genre of Dark Romanticism.

- The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne In Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story "The Birthmark," there are many views on the need for science and its advances. Hawthorne's protagonist, Aylmer, illustrates his own personal assessment of science. The Birthmark Essay - &#; A Story of Love and Science A Story of Love and Science Nathaniel Hawthorne is a nineteenth century American Novelist whose works are deeply concerned with the ethical problems of sin, .

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A Summary and Analysis of Nathaniel Hawthorne's 'The Birthmark'