Some fascinating animals that are endangered

To have a look at our spooky new sister publication, click here on The Weirdness of Wildlife Abandoned Baby Bat Gets Human Care This video of a baby short-tailed fruit bat and his human caretaker will make you see bats in a whole different light. Who knew a bat could be as cute as a kitten. The hairy frogfish lives in tropical and subtropical waters of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Some fascinating animals that are endangered

Mother Earth contains many creatures that are just now being discovered by scientists, and not only at the bottom of the ocean.

Some fascinating animals that are endangered

A six-foot long tree lizard and a new African antelope were discovered in the last couple of years. There are actually multiple breeds of this rabbit, and they were very popular among French royalty.

Check out this site, which takes them very, very seriously. Source Grimpoteuthis species This little guy can be found really, really deep in the ocean. By deep I mean meters deep. He uses his ears to swim.

Why does this guy make the list?

African Wild Dog

What was evolution thinking? How does it survive not being eaten? By not being tasty. It evolved into such a large and peaceful bird because of the former lack of mammalian predators in its island home in New Zealand.

It is critically endangered there are less than left, and most of these individual kakapos have names. Once again an example of humans messing with nature.

At least it is fun to say their name.

Extinct Animals

Olm Without arms it would be a snake or giant worm, both of which would cause me fear. Source Proteus anguinus Q: What has three toes on its front limbs, two toes on its back limbs, pale human-like skin, is blind, lives to some say only 60lives in caves, and can go ten years without food?

You should have guessed from all those hints and the subtitle This blind salamander of the limestone caves of southern Europe is not much like any other amphibian. The olm has a great sense of hearing and of smell.

Its olfactory system is so well-made that it can sense how many little living things surround it. Many a fisherman became a believer in sea monsters after catching one of these creaturesList of endangered animals, with pictures and links to further information.

It’s hard to believe that many of the world’s best-known animals are fighting for survival. . Endangered Animals Humans are destructive. Not a lot of us think about how what we do affects the world around us. We almost act like we are the only ones on this planet.

Endangered Animals Facts For Kids: Information & Pictures

We go around polluting and destroying our world with no regard for our actions. List of endangered animals, with pictures and links to further information. Acquire some practical animal care skills and experience. The red wolf is an interesting animal – scientists disagree over whether it’s actually a wolf, a wolf-coyote hybrid, a coyote, or a distinct species in its own right!.

Nov 10,  · The International Union for the Conservation of Nature determines an animal's level of endangerment, and many on our list are creatures listed as critically endangered on .

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Nov 10,  · Whether they’re a little on the ugly side or just plain strange, let’s take a look at some critically endangered species deserve to not be forgotten. IUCN, at regular intervals, determines the status of species considering the probability of their extinction, from least concern to extinct.

Some of these majorly endangered and recognizable marine species are .

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