Restoring an old truck essay

April 17, Impala SS Revival:

Restoring an old truck essay

Chassis CAMA's Tionesta Valley wood chassis caboose presented new challenges every time we removed another piece of siding. Advanced decay of the chassis and frame became apparent early on in the restoration process.

All the old campers that I bought were in the $ – $ range before restoration, and after a lot of work and several thousand dollars in material, I’d estimate their retail value at between $ – $ Whether it's an heirloom or an antique store find, an old trunk can be a wonder addition to your home for both storage and decoration. This is a guide about cleaning and restoring an old trunk. Dec 03,  · Check out more videos at: This video goes through the process of reviving an old work truck, without breaking the.

The advanced state of chassis rot is visible of this underside photo of the remains of the body bolsters and main chassis sill beams. The original floor, made up of tongue and groove, full dimension 1.

Most of the lumber stock used in the restoration had to be custom cut. Our restoration was carried out as true to the original as we could manage. Each original piece was removed and measured.

Mortise and tenon joinery duplicated the original whenever possible. Above, the 3 pieces that will make up one body bolster are next to the sill beams notched to receive this bolster. The original main and sill beams were made of American Beech which would be impossible to find in these dimensions today.

Already bolted into place is the coupler mounting hardware, saved from the original chassis. All the usable original iron hardware was wire brushed, and coated with rust resistant paint. Bob Hungerford torches rusted hardware from the second body bolster. In many cases acid from the wood, combined with atmospheric moisture and rain water leakage, accelerated the corrosion of mounting bolts necessitating replacement.

Bob Hungerford measures for the bolt holes to attach one of the the body bolsters to the chassis. The bolster is a "laminate" of native oak and the two original iron barstock reinforcements. The remains of one of the original bolsters are shown in the first photo of this set.

The new chassis was built upside down to ease attachment of the original metal hardware saved from the rotted carcass. In this photo, the "cabin" can be seen in the background suspended with cribbing. From here, the chassis will be flipped over and coupled with a set of shop trucks.

Note the center "King Post" to support the four main tie rods that hold the chassis together longitudinally.

Restoring an old truck essay

Our new chassis sees the light of day for the first time at the Fall Festival. It is rolling on shop trucks fabricated in-house. The original arch bar trucks were long ago removed from the chassis.Helpful tips on truck restoration, identification, preservation; project stories, Build Blogs and Stovebolt histories.

Links More than 1, useful sites for information, parts, electrical, fire . Are you ready for Dodge restoration or Dodge truck restoration for your vintage Dodge?

Approach classic truck restoration with realistic goals and expectations

True vintage MOPAR restoration is a real dream come true for many of our clients and the Precision Restorations staff alike. We love Dodge vehicles and the chance to provide high-quality Dodge restoration and Dodge truck restoration because we love Dodge’s history.

As the company's business grew, Thomas also developed his passion - collecting and restoring antique trucks including a Kenworth , with an early version of Kenworth's 4-bag air ride suspension, a supercharged hp Cummins engine and a 5-speed Spicer transmission.

Swab Wagon Company specializes in the restoration and preservation of antique fire apparatus. We offer all levels of restoration, from touch-up cosmetic work, to full, off-frame restorations.

Restoring an old truck essay

Find restored, original and restorable Ford vintage and classic trucks for sale including a Ford AA and a Model 73 1/2 ton pickup. Restoring an Old Truck - Most people think that there is a set way of doing things when it comes to restoring a truck. Take it apart, fix it up, and put it back together.

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