Problems on staff training and development essay

The trainer should talk to the trainees in what is expected out of training in a simple and professional way. The trainer performs a pivotal role from start to end of working out that includes the following: Give appropriate breaks to refresh Use both audio-visual aids as so when necessary Keep steering clear of mono dialogue session; make the period highly interactive Include management game titles like glaciers breakers etc. It has a customer foundation of

Problems on staff training and development essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Higher level teaching assistants HLTAS have a variety of training requirements to adhere to for example numerical and literacy skills up to NVQ level 2 which ensures that they are able and confident in what they are teaching.

HLTAS should also have a broad knowledge of learning strategies from independent to group within the curriculum to allow a pupil to fulfil their potential. In addition to this most HLTAS are required to have experience with the children that they are assigned to work with whether this be young children teenagers, special needs or gifted and talented.

Problems on staff training and development essay

It is also recommended that HLTAS have a sound knowledge of ICT to allow this to be implanted across the curriculum and in order to adhere to certain procedures within the school such as using behaviour programmes online or for cross curriculum to be implanted.

Policies and procedures are also required for HLTAS to be aware of and able to draw upon when and if needed, also to allow HLTAS to know the policies the school has on safeguarding, bullying and many others. HLTAS should also be confident in regulations and laws surrounding the area in which they are working with whether this be the every child matters act or the children in care act for LAC children.

HLTAS should be able to discuss development stages form birth to teenager including speech and language stages. HLTAS should also be confident administering assessments as well as marking them with the correct levels which is why HLTAS need a sound knowledge of the curriculum so that they are able to do this.

HLTAS should also have good organisation skills in order to keep the class running smoothly and that all procedures are followed. HLTAS should have good self-evaluation skills in order to look at their teaching critically in order to reflect on it and improve.

Furthermore HLTAS should have good team work skills so that they can share planning teaching and evaluating themselves and other within the team also for support within the school environment.

What purpose do they serve? NOS provide a valuable resource to schools that use them to assist in the creation of job descriptions and roles and responsibilities, as well as underpinning training, progression and supporting development needs of staff.

Overall Considerations

They were developed by representatives and different employers in a variety of sectors within education. HLTAS can target the use of the national occupational standards in a variety of ways from supporting and assisting with the development of frameworks used for the organisation, promoting and supporting equal opportunities to ensuring confidentiality but to name a few.

Other National occupational standards are applicable to HLTAS from roles outside of education for example self-assessment for competence and opportunities for professional development and improvement of skills all of these help staff and HLTAS be able to perform their role to a correct standard and increase their competency within their role.

Which in turn helps them to see where they need to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in a variety of different areas, furthermore to help HLTAS decide what skills, knowledge and understanding they will need to progress in their career and for contentious professional development.

The HLTA role is at the centre of the national occupational standards for supporting teaching and learning, with the standards reflecting the larger scope of responsibilities that the role now holds.

HLTAS also should serve as a good role model for children which in turn help to support and encourage relationships between children and their personal and educational environments. HLTAS should also help children and teachers set high expectations for children to boost performance and self-esteem.

Supporting and developing systems of rewards and consequences which should help a child learn right from wrong.On the Job Training Essay Sample.

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On the job training (OJT) is job training that occurs in the work place. The new employee learns the job while doing the job and while earning his or her pay check. 1) Discuss the training requirements for Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAS).

Higher level teaching assistants (HLTAS) have a variety of training requirements to adhere to for example numerical and literacy skills up to NVQ level 2 which ensures that they are able and confident in .

A commitment to staff training and development can result in increased knowledge, skills, productivity and loyalty of the aged care workforce to deliver high quality care services for older Australians.

Training is defined as the arranged acquisition of skills, rules, ideas, or mind-sets that lead to much better performance (Goldstein, ); now part of organizational learning and change, staff evaluation, and career development is training (White and Mackenzie-Davey, ).

Essay # 1. Concept and Definitions of HRD: The main aim of HRD is to bring about an all-round development of the people in the organization, so that they can contribute their best to the organisation, society and nation.

HRD is a system and process involving organised series of learning activities. Chapter 15 - Training and professional development. Inservice Training and Staff Development. The first two problems are related to knowledge and skills and can be solved effectively by a training programme, but the third and fourth problems need government attention to solve.

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