Master thesis canibus lyrics 100

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Master thesis canibus lyrics 100

Thursday, June 12, 9: I didn't include anything from the "nerdcore" genre because that's just too easy. Those folks wear their geekiness on their sleeves When you're a single guy in your 20s with tons of disposable income, of COURSE you're gonna have a sick video game set up.

But even though Rick Ross has every Madden since 98, you ain't gonna hear him discussing Franchise Mode on wax.

master thesis canibus lyrics 100

The song doesn't just touch on the subject of video games, dude. It goes fucking deep. Check out some lyrics: We get the kind of games you can't rent at Blockbuster Oh, and I hope you didn't get the impression that Del's not up on his classic gaming, either.

This is a singularly geeky ass track from a somewhat gully fixture of the early 90s rap scene. I mean, dude is bragging about having the first Nintendo Power. That's my shit right there.

It was the worst concert she ever saw; not because Kool Keith sucked in his performance or anything. It was just that he didn't perform. He had a DJ spin his record while he sat at the edge of the stage and smoked crack.

Kool Keith, known to some as Dr. Octagon even though those "some" would be wrong I ran into him on the street last year right outside a ghetto K Mart. After giving him props and, yeh, since I have wigger tendencies, we exchanged "Daps" I asked dude what he was up to.

But apparently, when not in "for tha' streets," mode, dude is watching cartoons. And, in a few rare occasions, rapping about them.

Like in his song, "Cartoon Capers. Rather than take the opportunity to go at the sucka mc's or whatever else rappers "go at," dude just informs us about his favorite cartoons.

Shit is hilarious and kind of dope, but I can see why dude is mainly just chilling at K-Mart these days. But die hard sports fans? The kind who get off on statistics and trivia? Those bitches are floor to ceiling nerds.Canibus - Javelin Fangz w/ lyrics Canibus - Javelin Fangz From the Album: For Whom the Beat Tolls.

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Master Thesis Lyrics: This is the Master Thesis underneath the deepness / Come to where you can read this / Run a plot on the map in hyperspatia / From the Society for Scientific.

Master Thesis - Canibus Play Neon green grass, statues made from translucent glass I'd be crazy to pass I like Alterian Jazz, The Blue Twilight Band That plays tunes from a laser black sax It sounds so laid back, it helps me relax I bought the album after seeing.