Marketing plan motel 6

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Marketing plan motel 6

This sample marketing plan was created with Marketing Plan Pro software. Marketing Strategy Our marketing strategy's objective is to communicate the unique set of services that we offer to discerning hotel guests.

Our marketing strategy will allow us to communicate our brand values, develop close working relationships with our customers and suppliers and to identify the needs of our guests in an effective manner.

Continued differentiation and growth are two goals we have set for ourselves. Growth will take place by targeting new areas of business within both local and national communities.

Get practical ideas and good models with dozens of examples of successful marketing plans with Sales and Marketing Pro. Finish your own Marketing Plan Value Proposition Riverview Hotel offers the best, most personalized service for the corporate traveler.

We include business essentials in every room, such as a nice desk, internet connection, wireless access, and provide easy to access meeting rooms with all audio-visual and technology needs as well as catering for longer meetings.

Marketing plan motel 6

Critical Issues We have many strengths including our differentiation strategy, our flat structure and highly skilled and well trained staff. Our weaknesses involve the need to communicate our strategy more clearly in the external environment, our high staff turnover and training requirements due to seasonal fluctuations.

Although there is a low to medium threat of a competitive brand entering the market, there are also opportunities as regards the high level of dependency of our guests for our particular service and our strong position within the community with both customers and suppliers.

Critical issues for the Riverview include: Continuing to differentiate from our competition and offering added value to our guests. Retaining our current levels of repeat business and developing further customer loyalty in a competitive market.

Attract new market sectors such as the Notown University-based business sector. Continue to be perceived as a supportive member of the Notown community. Increase corporate contracted rates to reflect the return of confidence in the corporate travel market.

Marketing Objectives To continue to communicate our strategic objectives to our target markets effectively. To provide a positive hotel experience to all our guests. To accomplish our growth targets within the given time and budget.

Expand our markets and identify new markets for our product and services. Travel trade; IT industry; Automotive. Local firms will be targeted for day use of conference facilities, room nights for visiting executives and long stay professional guests.

Messaging It is critical to the success of the Riverview Hotel to make sure that the hotel is kept up to the highest level in order to keep the high quality branding that Riverview properties are known for.

Our messaging will reflect this high standard that we want to be associated with. We need to print brochures with high quality photographs as well as on high quality paper.

Executive Summary

It will be important to spend a little bit extra on marketing materials to ensure that they keep our "high quality" message in front of our customers.Motel 6’s management company, G6 Hospitality, has said it ordered its more than 1, U.S.

and Canadian locations in September to stop voluntarily giving guest lists to ICE agents. The case is Jane V. et al v Motel 6 Operating LP et al, U.S. District Court, District of Arizona, No. Mission Statement Motel 6 is the biggest chain of company -owned and -operated budget motels in the United States.

It's a chain broadens its scope while still catering to the budget-conscious, considering entering the extended-stay market. - Free Motel Business Plan

Jun 23,  · Is Motel 6 WhereYou Plan To Retire? Tom Bodette will leave the light on for you, but do you really want to stay there? The problem is the Medicaid reimbursement is so far below market rates only the Motel 6’s of nursing homes or assisted living homes will accept you.

Free Motel Business Plan For Raising Capital from Investors, Banks, or Grant Companies! Marketing Plan. The Motel intends to maintain an extensive marketing campaign that will ensure maximum visibility for the business in its targeted market. Below is an overview of the marketing strategies and objectives of the Motel.

Executive summary This is to bring to your attention that Motel 6 is flying higher than before and it is venturing more. This is after a turnaround in our. Oct 28,  · For allowing the Motel 6 name and red-white-and-blue logo on franchised properties, the company receives 4 percent of revenue for Motel 6 operations and another 3 percent for marketing .

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