Lean six sigma research papers

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Lean six sigma research papers

This paper compares critically the DMAIC method with insights from scientific theories in the field of problem solving. As a single authoritative account of the DMAIC method does not exist, the study uses a large number of sources, consisting of prescriptive accounts of the method in the practitioner literature.

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Five themes are selected from the problem solving literature for the analysis of DMAIC—generality versus domain specificity of methods; problem structure; generic problem solving tasks; diagnostic problem solving; and remedial problem solving.

The study provides a characterization of the types of problems for which DMAIC is a suitable method, but also identifies problems for which it may be ineffective.

An important limitation of the method is its generality, which limits the methodological support it provides, and which fails to exploit task-domain specific knowledge.

Domain-specific adaptations of the method partly overcome these weaknesses.

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Methodological support for the identification of potential problem causes is offered as an incoherent and poorly structured collection of techniques, without strategic guidance to ensure efficiency of the diagnostic search.

Adopters of the method should be aware of its potential limitations. Previous article in issue.Watch the full “What is Lean Six Sigma” Video. The statistical representation of Six Sigma describes quantitatively how a process is performing.

Comparing Six Sigma, Lean, and TQM

To achieve Six Sigma, a process must not produce more than defects per million opportunities. "This book is authored by experienced professors who have been teaching in the area and have also done several projects extensively.

Lean six sigma research papers

Six Sigma has been the most popular and widely used technique with the manufacturers for ensuring process quality these days. Six Sigma Research Papers Six Sigma research papers look closely at the total quality management concept of using statistical measurement in quality control of products and/or services.

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