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America had become interested in Cuba's liberation in the s as publications portrayed the evil of Spanish Rule. No one favored Cuban independence more than Roosevelt. After a few quiet months, anchored in Havana Harbor, the Maine suddenly exploded, killing American sailors. Spain denied blowing up the Maine, but a US Navy investigation concluded that the explosion was caused by a mine.

I am heroic

While some of these people are rescued or released from captivity, some sadly die unspeakable deaths at the hands of their captors.

Here are the stories of ten heroic abductees who refused to die. In many cases, these incredibly brave individuals came out of their horrific ordeals stronger than they were when they went in, and some even have inspiring lessons to share with us. WTVT I am heroic 17 years old, Lisa had decided to commit suicide after a lifetime of physical abuse and neglect, which had now escalated into sexual abuse at the hands of a family member.

She left work at 2: But on her way home, a stranger dragged her off her bicycle and forced her into his car at gunpoint.

I am heroic

He blindfolded her, forced her to undress, bound her hands, and then drove her to his home, where she suffered multiple agonizing sexual assaults over the next 26 hours.

She was going to take her life back. Lisa decided that in order to live, she had to befriend her captor; she had to try to understand him and make him love her.

Her plan worked, and the next day, her captor asked her what he should do with her. Using reverse psychology, she offered to be his girlfriend, and to her surprise, he drove her to an area near her home and dropped her off on the side of the road.

Lisa went to the police, and by using the information had been able to gather from what I am heroic could see under her blindfold during her captivity, investigators were led to the home of Bobby Joe Long. Red fibers in his car also linked him to at least 50 rapes over the previous years.

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Bobby Joe Long is still on death row. It taught me to live again. The couple electrocuted her with a cattle prod and chained her inside their van, where they later stripped her naked after she attempted to escape. They then took her to their trailer and put a metal collar around her neck, which was attached to a chain that was padlocked to a wall.

David played a cassette tape that he himself had recorded. On the tape, David explained that Cynthia was now a sex slave, and he detailed all the types of horrific sexual torture she was about to experience.

The couple then spent hours brutally torturing Cynthia with hooks, whips, chains, homemade electrical devices, and worse. Cynthia explained later that it felt like she was in Hell. Despite being chained to the wall and having suffered unimaginable torture, she was able to steal a ring of keys that Cindy had left on a coffee table.

Cynthia explains that she was able to shut out the physical pain as she tried key after key in the lock. Her perseverance paid off, and she was able to unchain herself from the wall and overpower Cindy. Naked except for a metal collar and a chain and bleeding from multiple wounds, Cynthia ran outside and sought help.

The toy box, it turned out, was a cargo container that David had renovated into a horrific surgical torture chamber.

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David Parker Ray is suspected of having tortured and killed up to 40 victims. He was sentenced to years in prison and died of a heart attack shortly after. Cindy Hendy took a plea deal and was sentenced to up to 54 years in prison.

Police and investigators describe Cynthia as a hero who saved the lives of countless women who would have fallen prey to David Parker Ray had she not found the will to survive. WBTV Elizabeth was 14 years old inwhen a stranger approached her as she walked home in a remote woodland area. The man, year-old Vinson Filyaw, told her he was a cop and that she was under arrest.

He handcuffed her and put a box on a string around her neck, telling her it was a bomb that would explode if she tried to run away or fight. For ten days, Elizabeth remained trapped in her underground prison with her deranged captor.

He raped her multiple times every day and forced her to watch the news so that she would see her terrified mother begging for her return. At one point, Elizabeth attempted to shoot Vinson, but the bullet jammed.

She realized that the only way she might have a chance of escaping this ordeal was to make her captor love and trust her, so she started pretending to enjoy what was happening to her. After seven days in captivity, she convinced Vinson to let her play games on his phone, and as he slept, she hunted for a signal, sending multiple texts revealing her general location.

As Vinson pointed his gun at her head, Elizabeth convinced him to run, saying she would meet him the next day. Her plan worked, and he fled. Elizabeth climbed from her prison on September 16 and was found by Captain David Thomley, who later saw inside the bunker and described it as a pit of Hell.This website is devoted to Saint Gemma Galgani with over 70 articles and many of her writings, along with official photographs and numerous examples of her heroic life, in hopes that it will inspire in others a greater love and devotion for Jesus and Mary.

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Colonel Theodore Roosevelt in Cuba- NPS. Among Theodore Roosevelt's many lifetime accomplishments, few capture the imagination as easily as his military service as a "Rough Rider" during the Spanish-American War. W hether you’re an electronic music producer or indie band, it is probable that you will be involved in a record deal at some point in your career.

In this article, we’ll talk about the nature of recording agreements, key clauses that you should understand and terms that . 4 Followers, 0 Following, 0 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Heroic Photography (@iamheroic).

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