How tsunami occurs essay writer

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How tsunami occurs essay writer

When a large earthquake happens beneath an ocean floor, it can change the level of the floor suddenly, raising and lowering it substantially.

This produces a large disturbance in the sea. The size and energy of disturbance depends on the magnitude of the earth quake. Most severe earthquakes occur near the subduction zone of the tectonic plates. A wave starts spreading out. The height of the wave might be only a few meters, but this wave is very different from the normal oceanic waves produced by the action of the wind on the surface.

This wave invokes up and down movement of the whole column of the ocean above the affected zone that might be hundreds of kilometres in length. The speed of the wave in the deep ocean is nearly the same as the cruising speed of a jet liner, namely hundred kilometres per hour.

In the middle of the ocean surface, this wave might be seen as a gentle swell and fall of the ocean surface and does not represent a major hazard to boats and ships. But it becomes dangerously high and devastating when it approaches the coast. This is called the much feared tsunami.

Tsu means harbour and nami stands for wave. Tsunamis are large waves that are generated when the sea floor is deformed by seismic activity, vertically displacing the overlying water in the ocean.

how tsunami occurs essay writer

An earthquake occurred with its epicentre km south-southwest of Sumatra in December The magnitude of the earthquake was 8. That is why, it was most powerful in the world in the past 40 years.

Most of the destruction was caused by seismic waves or tsunami that hit India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand within two hours of the first impact of earthquake. It has been observed that the Sumatra quake occurred at a place where several massive geological plates push against each other with a strong force.

The survey indicates that km section along the boundary of the plates shifted motion that triggered the sudden displacement, causing the huge tsunamis. It may be several meters high when it hits the sea shore.

Tsunami may not be one giant wave but a series of waves that come to the coast in a short interval. An earthquake occurred on 8th May, at Siachuan in China, which caused widespread destruction.

However, this time earthquake has not caused widespread destruction and loss of lives, because the strength of tsunami was very low. The principal generation mechanism or cause of a tsunami is the displacement of a substantial volume of water or perturbation of the sea. This displacement of water is usually attributed to earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions and glacier calvings or more rarely by meteorites and nuclear test.

The waves formed in this way are then sustained by gravity.

how tsunami occurs essay writer

Tides do not play any part in the generation of tsunamis. Tsunami can be generated when the sea floor abruptly deforms and vertically displaces the overlying water. More specifically, a tsunami can be generated when thrust faults associated with convergent or destructive plate boundaries move abruptly, resulting in water displacement, owing to the vertical component of movement involved.

Movement on normal faults will also cause displacement of the seabed, but the size of the largest of such events is normally too small to give rise to a significant tsunami.

Tsunamis have a small amplitude wave height offshore, and a very long wavelength often hundreds of kilometers long, whereas normal ocean waves have a wavelength of only 30 or 40 meters[30] which is why they generally pass unnoticed at sea, forming only a slight swell usually about millimeters 12 above the normal sea surface.

They grow in height when they reach shallower water, in a wave shoaling process described below. A tsunami can occur in any tidal state and even at low tide can still inundate coastal areas. On April 1,a magnitude It generated a tsunami which inundated Hilo on the island of Hawaii with a metre high 46 ft.

The area where the earthquake occurred is where the Pacific Ocean floor is subducting or being pushed downwards under Alaska. Examples of tsunami originating at locations away from convergent boundaries include Storegga about 8, years ago, Grand BanksPapa New Guinea The Grand Banks and Papua New Guinea tsunamis came from earthquakes which destabilised sediments, causing them to flow into the ocean and generate a tsunami.

They dissipated before traveling transoceanic distances. The cause of the Storegga sediment failure is unknown. Possibilities include an overloading of the sediments, an earthquake or a release of gas hydrates methane etc. In the s, it was discovered that larger tsunamis than had previously been believed possible could be caused by giant submarine landslides.

These rapidly displace large water volumes, as energy transfers to the water at a rate faster than the water can absorb.Australia and the World Tsunami Essay Despite the fact that tsunamis are not frequent phenomena, it causes huge causalities once it occurs.

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The Causes of Tsunami All tsunamis are caused by the sudden displacement of large volumes of water. All are the result of violent events with enough power to displace large volumes very rapidly. An earthquake occurs where the edges of plates run into one another, which are called faults or fault lines.

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