Filipinos still brand conscious study shows

Does Influencer Size Matter? There is no doubt that, harnessed correctly, Instagram can be a valuable tool for brands looking to engage consumers through influencers.

Filipinos still brand conscious study shows

The Internet and Society: I mean, is that not the greatest purpose in life right? My example may be too extreme but that is just to emphasize how humans value the feeling of happiness and satisfaction in their lives.

All of our endeavors have the same ultimate goal and that is happiness. It may be translated into different kinds of happiness, even making other people happy is one, but still in the end, we will always try to seek the things that make us feel alive.

Yes, being happy is synonymous to being alive and that is just human nature. There are a lot of things in this world nowadays that can make a certain people happy.

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To name a few, one can be happy out of personal achievements, healthy relationships, career development, revenge, chocolates, and ice cream.

The list is practically endless. Much like the satisfaction we get from food, hobbies, and sleep, people usually manifest true blissfulness when around with their friends and families.

Most of the time, it is for the pleasure and satisfaction of others that we find happiness, much more from fulfilling our own wants and needs. The connections and bonds make time and money spending all worth it. The unlimited ability of humans to connect and interact and form worthwhile caucuses is the very reason why the world designed itself just like it is for the longest time.

The creation of different races and geographical isolations actually was not just mere natural phenomena, it is also given to us as a challenge that will hinder humans to become one.

Somehow, it is a divine joke. For many centuries, human civilization tried to develop and flourish in groups, which we call nations and continents.

Nations rise and fall, all for the happiness of its own people, the people who are within the proximity and bounds of one another. Eventually, people became happy of who they are as a member of a group or country and not of the world.

This kind of happiness continued for so many generations and people were somehow satisfied not until the time came when technology broke the barriers. The moment technology found its way to better and efficient ways to provide communication too all of human race, that was the time when people started to gain another form of happiness and this time it is not just personal, it is not paternal, not even societal.

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This new form of happiness is considered global in scale. What I am talking about here is the thing we call Social Media.

Filipinos still brand conscious study shows

We are oriented with the basic mediums of public communication in our lifetime. The newspapers provide us the print media. The radios are also one form while the TVs offer both audio and visual.

However, social media, the new generation kind of communication medium, is the most powerful form of medium to date. Social media relies on the power of the internet. The concept was already existing decades back but it was not that powerful since access to the World Wide Web was still very limited and most of the times controlled.

Technology was not yet capable of unleashing its potential and personal human privacy was pretty much a big deal. Upon the rapid development of wireless technology and the boom for mobile devices that can tap the world of internet, social media became both a superpower and a monster.

The rise to power of social media was so uncontrollable and unprecedented that the world had no choice but to totally change and conform to it.

There were no instances or chances given to people to assess its impact and the scope of influence. Truly, the world is now ran by social media and its spreading like a virus and growing like the hair of Samson.

Its ability to connect every person in the planet to any platforms made the world an open market for information. The unlimited access to information paved way to infinite opportunities to happiness. It is the first time that the world experience true unification and because of this, the challenges and controls of the past that hinder humans to achieve global happiness has now been shattered and forgotten.

The influence and power of social media is now evident to almost all living human on the planet. The platform is somehow controlling the very lives of every human being connected to it. Most of us benefit and enjoy all the things it offers however, an alarming increasing number of preys are currently experiencing the bad side of it.

Since social media is impartial and free for all, what clings to it are both the good and the bad. Sadly, most people do not have the ability to distinguish one from the other. Here are some impact and effects that social media has brought down to the current human civilization: Socialization Social networking sites now open up platforms where people can communicate and reconnect to their families and old friends who parted ways from them.

Not only that, people now has the ability to gain more friends, contacts, and partners anywhere in the world.Consumer Behavior Among Filipinos: A Quantitative Study About Vanity, Materialism, and Gender Differences personal achievement and shows that people concerned with their achievement buy items.

Research shows Filipinos are most likely to believe Most Filipinos prefer socially responsible brands. Most socially conscious. A majority or 56% of Filipinos . In fear of losing their jobs as a result of the global financial crisis, Philippine consumers are now spending less, a survey said.

The study made by global market research company Synovate showed that a whopping 94 percent of Filipinos in Metro Manila have made cuts in their spending.

On the other hand, 67 percent were greatly fearful of . Life expectancy rate speaks volumes about the quality of life and healthcare of a certain country. It refers to the average age a person born in a specific country is expected to reach before death based on massive accumulated data from citizens as a whole.

Filipinos still brand conscious study shows

Latest environmental news, features and updates. Pictures, video and more. Jun 11,  · No computer has yet shown features of true human-level artificial intelligence much less conscious awareness.

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