Ethical leadership in business

Magazine Ethical Leadership Guide: It is a leadership issue and the chief executive must set the example. Every leader will make ethical decisions, whether or not they acknowledge them at the time.

Ethical leadership in business

Our success is built on a strong foundation of values. From a commitment to our employees to unwavering integrity with our customers, we believe people are our most valuable asset. Our Core Values We do what we say we will doOur promise is our word. We act on every level with integrity and we honor our commitments to our customers, and each other.

Ethical leadership in business

We are passionate about serving our customers and each other. YOU matterWe value you and truly believe that each person at McGrath RentCorp has great things to contribute and that you are the key to our success. Your enthusiasm and commitment are instrumental to providing an exceptional experience for our customers.

Ethical leadership in business personal best is put forth in everything we doWe give it our all. We go above and beyond whenever we can and expect excellence in each other. To lead in our markets we adapt, renew, innovateWe pay close attention to our markets and make choices that support long-term growth.

We aim to lead. From the ground up, we embrace the need to change in order to adapt to the challenges at hand.

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EQ is as important as IQ Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is a crucial element in working in a collaborative team environment. Excellent interpersonal skills combined with a bright, inquisitive, "can-do" attitude equal career success at McGrath RentCorp.

We value getting it right vs. We do this respectfully and with the aspiration to solve a problem. We also are not afraid to push hard on the ideas and opinions of others in order to make them better.

Relationships are built with open, honest, and direct communication Sometimes the real facts of business performance can be brutal.

Ethical leadership in business

We challenge ourselves to navigate through this with open, honest, and direct communication. Over the long term, this maximizes both resources and time, and builds high trust with those involved. We call this "courageous conversation. Continuous improvements and incremental gains, no matter the size, are like pushes on the flywheel and this creates great momentum in our business.

Corporate Social Responsibility - We Care Responsibility At McGrath RentCorp, we believe that effectiveness and ethics go hand in hand and that the best way to be a healthy company is to help build a strong society. From our commitment to environmentally sustainable building construction to our many local community programs, we strive to put our values into practice and empower our employees to act for the greater good.

Ethical Values We are committed to maintaining the highest standard of business ethics in all our practices and relationships. Our goal is to achieve competitive advantages fairly and honestly, through superior products, service, and performance rather than through unethical or illegal business practices.

Our employees are bound by a code of business conduct that extends the highest possible degree of respect and integrity to our customers, vendors, and partners. Among other things, this dedication includes the swift resolution of conflicts of interest, the preservation of confidential business data and the barring of unfair competitive contract bid practices.

McGrath RentCorp is firmly committed to providing equal opportunity in all aspects of employment, and actively prohibits unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status or any other factor prohibited by law.

Sustainability Wherever possible, the products, services, and practices of McGrath RentCorp companies are designed to promote the goals of environmental stewardship and sustainability.

From our corporate recycling program to our policy of printing marketing collateral on recycled paper, we continually search for new and innovative ways to shrink our ecological footprint. Through our Mobile Modular division, our modular space solutions incorporate many of the most respected sustainability design features available today, including: High-efficiency HVAC and energy systems.

Recycled and recyclable construction materials. Wherever possible, our modular building products rely upon recycled building materials, as well as construction components that can be further recycled once the buildings are no longer in service.

Efficient land use features.Who we are About McGrath RentCorp Founded in , McGrath RentCorp is a diversified business-to-business rental company that rents and sells relocatable modular buildings, storage containers and offices, electronic test equipment, and liquid and solid containment tanks and boxes.

Don't separate ethics from day-to-day business: Leaders must make it clear to their employees that ethics is "the way we operate" and not a training program or reference manual. Every activity, whether it is a training program, a client meeting or an important top management strategy session, should include conversations about ethics.

The majority agree that everyone is responsible for being ethical. 37% of respondents in the poll on ethical leadership in the Middle East view business ethics not just as being legally. Watch video · Ethical leadership from the top is very important- because it creates an environment in which lower-level ethical leaders can flourish- but ethical leadership at the supervisory level has a huge impact on followers’ attitudes and behavior.

Aug 23,  · Starfleet’s no-win scenario training exercise tests ethical decision-making and of that ethical leadership is recognizing the . Ethical Leadership in Business Human-centered leadership and emerging technologies.

Our creativity, compassion and curiosity are key to succeeding in the digital economy. Sustainable businesses require a balance between professional priorities and respect for deeper values.

Leadership: Facing Moral and Ethical Dilemmas