Compare contrast lutheran reformation and catholic reformation

Why did the rupture of European unity not prevent the extension of European power and influence? What is meant by referring to Europe as a "Community of Christendom"?

Compare contrast lutheran reformation and catholic reformation

Martin Luther protested against the nature of penance, the authority of the pope and the usefulness of indulgences. What was the conflict between the Catholic Church and the Protestant reformers? Such a short question, the answer would require volumes.

When the protestants revolted by denying certain truths of the Christian faith, the Catholics reacted in two ways: On the one hand, we had to deal with the very real problems that the protestants were protesting about, for instance, selling indugences.

On the other hand we had to be very specific in detailing things that had just been assumed for centuries. I don't know if that is a very good answer but it's all I can think of at the moment.

Was the Protestant Reformation healthy for the Catholic Church? If by 'healthy' you mean 'good', than no, the protestant reformation was not good for the church.

Compare contrast lutheran reformation and catholic reformation

In fact, the church despised any protestants and the entire protestant reform…ation altogether. However, the Reformation did cause the Church to look deeply at itself and make some serious reforms to clean up corruption that had crept into all levels of the Church.

That was good as Satan is always working from within and without to destroy the Church. Every now and then the Church needs to do some housekeeping to keep the Evil One at bay. They are one and the same. What made the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Reformation different?

Answer The early Protestant Reformation movement sought unsuccessfully to reform the Catholic Church, and resulted in the formation of breakaway denominations.

The Lutheran Reformation and the Catholic Reformation of the 16th Century Compared and Contrasted.

Freed from con…straints from Rome, the initial, relatively limited objectives were expanded, until quite quite siginificant changes were undertaken, making Church reunification unachievable. The Catholic counter-Reformation sought to answer the Protestant criticisms, but only in ways acceptable to the Church.

Since the counter-Reformation was initiated from within the hierarchy of the Church, it succeeded in achieving its arguably more limited objectives.

How did the Protestant Reformation help bring about the Catholics? Either I'm misunderstanding the question, or you have some of the basics confused.

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The Roman Catholic church was around for centuries before the Protestant Reformation. The Reformation brought about several protestant movements; it did not bring about the Catholic church.Dec 25,  · Compare and Contrast - Martin Luther and King Henry VIII It is reasonable to assume that his goal in posting his Ninety-five Theses was either reasoned debate or reformation of the Roman Catholic Church, not to overthrow the church.

the Church of England and the Lutheran Church both survive today. The Church of England. Western Christianity underwent a major schism beginning in the early 16th century. The rediscovery of previously lost Greek and Roman literature combined with the aftermath of plagues, wars and new technologies spelled trouble for the Roman Catholic Church.

Compare and contrast the Lutheran Reformation and the Catholic Reformation of the 16th century regarding the reform of both religious doctrines and religious practices. (). The Reformation and the Enlightenment. The Reformation period, from to , was a product of a growing sense of ‘individualism’ although there was an emphasis on conformity and faith previously.

Compare and contrast the differences in the Christian worldviews of various Protestant and Catholic expressions during the Reformation and those of key Protestant and Catholic .

Calvinism § Founded by John Calvin § John created Calvinism because he knew that what the catholic church was doing was wrong and he thought the point of church is to do the right thing and do what god wants but, obviously that did not apply with the pope § You only name your child the names from the bible.

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