Choosing a career in marine biology

Students interested in pursuing any of these career opportunities should contact the biology office.

Choosing a career in marine biology

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Assistant Professors Ingley, Spencer B. Saucier, Esprit B. The Discipline The Biology major provides a rigorous research-based education for students, with a basic foundation in the life sciences. Special emphasis is placed on providing opportunities for students to participate in meaningful research in areas such as anatomy, genetics, physiology, molecular biology, evolution, natural history, and marine biology.

This major seeks to prepare students for professional careers in teaching, government service, industry, research, and the medical professions.

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Career Opportunities With further education, career opportunities for Biomedical Science graduates include medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, chiropractics, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, physician assistant, and other allied health professions.

General Biology majors can utilize their degree to obtain careers in areas such as wildlife management, forestry conservation, environmental quality consulting, technical work, and park services. Students interested in aquaria, ocean conservation, marine research, and fisheries can use Marine Biology to prepare them for entrance into these fields.

The study of Molecular Biology major has particular value for students preparing for jobs in genetics, consulting, research, forensics, and bioinformatics. The Biology Education Program, a cooperative program with the School of Education, is designed to prepare teachers to teach Biology in junior high or high school.

All Biology Major tracks provide opportunities for a variety of post-baccalaureate studies.In order to develop a better understanding of the different career opportunities available to you, we have listed and briefly describe a number of positions in the marine sciences.

MARINE BIOLOGY A marine biologist is engaged in all studies of marine organisms from whales to algae. A career in Marine Biology means you might work in a private or government lab performing research, for example, scientists in the Marine Biology Research Division at Scripps investigate the ecological, physiological, cellular, and biochemical characteristics of marine bacteria, plants, and animals.

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You might teach, work outdoors and/or. The field of marine biology -- the study of marine organisms, their behaviors, and their interactions with the environment -- is considered one of the most all-encompassing fields of oceanography.

Choosing what to study; UBC’s online application tips; Personal Profile; Marine Biology (Honours) Plant Biology (Honours) Chemical Biology (Combined Honours) the study of life too small to see with the naked eye.

This program will prepare you for a career in microbiology, in fields ranging from public policy and medical sciences, to. Before choosing your subjects, talk to a school or career counsellor who can assist or advise you.

Choosing a career in marine biology

Have a look at an article from a Wits Career Guidance expert at Wits. Try to contact someone in the profession you wish to pursue and ask them about their education and the steps they took to get to where they are.

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Collect information on majors and how they relate to career pathways. 3. Organize the information you have collected and compare your options. Marine Biology Nursing Pathology Psychology Sales and Marketing Personal Services Social Work Choosing a College Major San Diego Continuing Education - Career Development Services -

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