Case study case up vs allied construction

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Case study case up vs allied construction

The first is how is he going to write the case? The second is how is he going to teach the case?

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The two questions are clearly related, for the case often will be written differently for different teaching formats. How much work is required in writing the case varies enormously depending upon the materials the instructor decides to provide the students.

As class begins, he gives the students this brief introduction of a construction accident or a temporary structure failure. Why did the accident happen? What are the consequences of accidents on projects?

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Then, with gentle and probing questioning, the author is able to draw out a miraculous number of vital points about the safety hazards in construction sites. At the other extreme, cases may take elaborate preparation requiring dozens of pages of text and extensive research which the author generally uses for graduate classes.

These cases may require over a year of information gathering and interviews along with hundreds of dollars of investment and lots of time from the faculty to develop a case that may extend over several class sessions.

For example, the author uses three cases in semester to teach Advanced Operations-constructability, value engineering and productivity class in addition to covering other required materials. Another technique is to simply collect a series of articles focused around a single topic.

These articles are put on library reserve, or copied with permission from the journal involved and then given to the students. If accompanied by a short series of questions to guide their reading, an outstanding case can be developed.

Whatever approach the case writer can take, he should be careful about the following important elements.

The problems are different. So are the language and the traditions. Freshmen have strong desires Not just the facts In construction education, facts are important. But facts alone do not help students to learn better.

It is always better to use as many interesting practical examples with the facts.

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A good readable case study is always written based on a point of view. The instructor always undergoes trials and iteration for solving the case study problems. The case writer can write the case from the vantage point of a typical member of a group faced with a problem—the generic victim.

But it is better to have a hero and he must have a name. And in the serious problem cases, the names should not be cute. Even with fictionalized case problems, it is better to make them as real as possible.

The best heroes are ones that students can identify in their mind and are consistent with the problems. Student interests Student interests are also important element for writing a good case study. It is not a bad idea to use many personal names and personal pronouns in the case study.

Use dialogue Virtually any writing passages can be turned into dialogue. Students will choose to read dialogue over almost any other writing style. The percentage of dialogue use varies enormously in different kinds of writing. In technical papers the percentage will be zero while in popular magazine articles it will be between 12 and 15 percent and can reach 50 percent.

In construction case study, it can be 2 to 5 percent. When the writer is writing as he speaks, he would use a lot of contractions.

He would write, Can I go? Sentence length Sentence length has a significant impact on readability of the case study.Parking Garage LED Lighting Retrofit Case Study PUBLISHED December This parking garage lighting project's dramatic improvement in lighting came along with $23, in utility rebate incentives, plus a Green Business Cost Sharing program from the city of Minneapolis when this client upgraded the aging, inefficient high pressure sodium lighting.

Case study case up vs allied construction

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D. CONSTRUCTION CASE STUDY TRAINING GUIDE The Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS TRAINING GUIDE. CONSTRUCTION CASE STUDY TRAINING GUIDE 3 The Construction Case Study Training Guide was developed by the Labor.

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