Calinda kieffer ky write a prisoner

Does anyone have experience writing an inmate? It depends on many factors.

Calinda kieffer ky write a prisoner

A visitor shall not be permitted to enter after Visitors arriving to the parking lot shall be required to wait in their vehicle until 7: The visitation schedule is rotated on a quarterly basis and is assigned specific visiting days for each inmate based on the inmates housing unit.

Visitors wishing to visit inmates assigned to the Special Management Unit must write for an approved time and be received 5 working days in advance of the visit.

The SMU visits will be conducted by close circuit television and be limited to 2 hours. Number of Visitors To accommodate the amount of indoor visiting space at WKCC, each inmate shall receive a maximum of three adult visitors at any one time.

The only exceptions to the above shall be if an inmate receives written approval from the Deputy Warden of Security to exceed the three adult visitor limit. Any inmate requesting to exceed the three adult visitor limit shall submit a written request to the Deputy Warden of Security providing the reason for the request, the number of persons requested to visit, relation to the visitors, the date requested and any other relevant information.

All requests for exceptions shall be received no later than one week proceeding the requested visiting day. If approved for an exception to the above, written approval from the Deputy Warden of Security or Designee will be sent to the initiating person making the request.

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The written approval should be brought to the visit. Visitors Allowed and Excluded: Persons under the age of 18 shall not be permitted to visit unless accompanied by a parent, guardian, or by another immediate family member with notarized written parental or guardian approval.

calinda kieffer ky write a prisoner

Former Corrections staff or staff contracted through DOC shall be allowed to visit only with the written approval of the Deputy Warden of Security. Former inmates of the Kentucky Corrections System shall have written permission from the Warden prior to being allowed to visit, including those inmates who have been discharged from their sentences.


Any visitor who becomes disruptive, allow their children to be disruptive or does not follow visiting guidelines shall be asked to leave and the visit shall be terminated.

Visitors whose presence or activities present a threat to the security or orderly operations of the institution or who do not promote the reintegrating of the inmate to the community shall be restricted for a specified amount of time, including those who: Attempt to introduce contraband or dangerous contraband such as alcoholic beverages, drugs, or weapons into the institution.

A visitor shall dress in appropriate attire while at the institution. Undergarments shall be worn. Visitors shall not wear the following Tank tops See-through clothing mesh, net or transparent Halter tops.Leonard Wayne Taylor, a Florida prisoner proceeding pro se, appeals the denial of his 28 U.S.C.

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