Business report readership numbers

Historical Mobile Email Stats Mobile email statistics: Smartphones are the most common device especially for younger individuals less than 35 years old and females. Consumer email marketing trends and behaviors. Per individual, it means that women spend seven minutes more per month on a smartphone checking email compared to men.

Business report readership numbers

Number of Individuals with Internet Access: Though the state of Israel's creation was mandated by the United Nations, Arab states rejected the arrangement. Wars in, and ensued between the newly founded state and its neighbors with Israel winning each time. While Egypt has signed a peace treaty with Israel and other Arab states have recognized its existence as a state, there continues to be no overall peaceful resolution to the differing perspectives.

Within this milieu, access to information and use of technology plays a vital role in the ongoing maintenance of the state. Country Geography Israel is located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered by Lebanon in the north, Syria business report readership numbers the northeast, Jordan directly east and southeast, Egypt to the southwest, and the Red Sea directly south.

Its geographical location has placed it in an area where it could not help but make news and it has been performing to capacity ever since opening day in In fact, as noted by Rami Tal, relative to its size as a nation-state Israel is the largest source of news in the world.

State of the Press The history of the press begins all the way back in during the period of the Ottoman Empire, almost a century before the state of Israel existed. Unfortunately, each weekly had a habit of informing the authorities about alleged illegal activities by the other and so the Ottomans shut down both of the papers within a year.

Havazzelethowever, reopened in edited by Bak's son-in-law, Israel-Dov Frumkin, and ran for forty more years through ; outlasting many other weeklies attempting to start up and subsequently failing.

Havazzelet was an extremely important early activist paper calling for numerous reforms and actions on behalf of the Jews residing in Palestine during that era. For his activism, Frumkin was issued a herem—excommuniction from the orthodox community—but he continued in his cause.

Among his admonitions in Havazzelet were calls for assistance to Russian immigrants fleeing the pogroms of the s, for an ending of the Old Yishuv Jewish community in Palestine dependence on philanthropic donations from abroad, and for aid for the Yemenite immigrants who were being exploited by Jewish farmers in the region.

Havazzelet offered one other important contribution to the Jewish people in Palestine.

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InEliezer Ben-Yehuda joined the staff of the paper to which he had contributed to as a student in Paris. Ben-Yehuda eventually took over a weekly incalled Hatzvi Deerwhich became Hashkafa Outlook in when the Ottomans gave him a license to publish his own paper, through which he greatly aided the new yishuv and the Zionist cause.

However, his most important contribution through Hatzvi was aiding the revival of spoken Hebrew by disseminating new vocabulary through print.

His work became so important to the reemergence of spoken Hebrew that he has been labeled the "reviver of the Hebrew language. Dailies began to make their appearance, but were sporadic for quite some time.

InBen-Yehuda founded the first daily paper in Palestine, Ha'or The Lightedited by his son, Itamar Ben Avi, who returned from working as a journalist in France in order to take up the post. However, only Herut Freedomwhich was initially published as a weekly in and had become a daily incontinued to appear regularly.

However, byduring the administration of Palestine by the British as a League of Nations mandate, people who had been exiled by the Turks returned and the situation for the press began to improve. Dailies and weeklies began to take on more of their modern differentiations.

Afternoon dailies began to appear alongside the morning dailies. And already during this period the publishing exodus from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv was beginning. Bythe political press ran by particular parties, was seeing its beginning with the publication of Davar Event or Word.

Due to the work of Katznelson the paper was a large success—its Friday literary supplement attracting some of the preeminent poets and writers of the time. Almost all of the papers of the time adhered to the "mouthpiece of a political party" model. Only Hadashot Ha'aretz News of the Landsubsequently shortened to Ha'aretz The Landwhich was founded in in Jerusalem and moved to Tel Aviv infollowed a different path and later also Yediot Aharonotbut it was not founded until Ha'aretz attempted to be a serious publication advocating a liberal-democratic perspective.

Moshe Glickson was the editor-in-chief during this period until Ina German-Jewish multimillionaire, Shlomo-Zalman Schocken, a zealous patron of high culture, purchased Ha'aretz.

Schocken appointed his son, Gershom Gustaveditor and this remained the case for the following decades. Ha'aretz is still being published as one of the most respected and influential dailies in Israel and may be accessed on the Internet.

A final historical reflection concerns the inauguration of the rivalry between Yediot Aharonot The Latest News and Ma'ariv Evening Paper which remains one of the main rivalries of Israeli press in our day.

Yediot Aharonot produced the most popular editor and journalist of the time, Azriel Carlebach.

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In earlyabout three months before Israel was established as a nation-state, Carlebach staged a "putsch. Ma'ariv was being funded by Oved Ben-Ami a banker and investor from Netanya. Carlebach thought that Yediot Aharonot would collapse, eliminating competition, but he miscalculated.

Thus, with both dailies continuing to operate, there remains huge animosity between them.At the start of the 19th century, the highest-circulation newspaper in the United Kingdom was the Morning Post, which sold around 4, copies per day, twice the sales of its nearest production methods improved, print runs increased and newspapers were sold at lower prices.

New Orleans, for instance, saw its print readership drop by 13% to a month average of about , as of September from an average of about , one year ago. (Note that in this fact sheet, and in the chart below, data through are from Editor & Publisher, which were published on the website of the News Media Alliance (NMA), known at the time as the Newspaper Association of America (NAA).

A page internal New York Times report, sent to top executives last month by a committee led by the publisher's son and obtained by BuzzFeed, paints a dark picture of a newsroom struggling more dramatically than is immediately visible to adjust to the digital world, a newsroom that is hampered primarily by its own storied culture..

The Times report was finalized March 24 by a committee of. Paid classified advertising newspaper Anonce is published four times per week, with a circulation of thousand copies in This is a list of weekly newspapers published in the Czech Republic, not including magazines.

So almost all of that is profit.

business report readership numbers

Assuming The Drudge Report pays the full corporate tax rate on those earnings, the business probably generates $$15 million of after-tax profit per year.

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