Ata steel organisational culture essay

Oct 22, One recent afternoon, Harish Bhat, a member of the Tata Sons group executive council, a body of young leaders that provides strategic direction to the conglomerate, showed up at Phoenix, a mall in south Mumbai that is always teeming with shoppers. He was curious about what consumers purchase and what they do before deciding to buy something.

Ata steel organisational culture essay

Abstract The concern for ethical decision-making among the regulators, social groups and managers has substantially increased since failure of some of the prominent business organizations like Shell and Enron owing to strong social condemn of some of their business practices.

This paper reviews literature to address this concern by examining and discussing significant issues of ethical decision making in organizations. Literature shows that authors have frequently used ethics, morality and values interchangeably in the context of organizational behavior.

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Simultaneously, the research to examine the linkage of ethical decision-making with other organizational construct is inadequate. This paper tries to fill these gaps by distinguishing ethics, morality and values in organizational context and by developing a comprehensive framework of organizational ethical decision-making and behavior in organizations.

The framework identifies three groups of variables, which significantly influence the ethical decision-making and behavior of individuals in organizations: The framework is used to analyze the implementation of Code of Conduct at Tata Steel.

Based on the case and literature review few propositions are suggested.

They explain the linkages of these variables with ethical decision-making could guide future research in this field. The framework will also help practicing managers to concentrate on key organizational issues to sustain long-term interests of the organizations.The Tata Steel contractor safety transformation journey started in Prior to that and common in many organizations, safety was the sole responsibility of the safety.

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They tend to focus less on Western-style planning and analysis and more on creating the incentives, organizational structures, and culture that will enable an improvisational approach to strategy.

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ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE OF TATA STEEL. The entire structure of the organization of Tata Steel can be broadly divided into 3 levels,each level having separate roles and responsibilities.

Ata steel organisational culture essay

These 3 levels are uppermanagement, senior management and the middle management. Each of these lower levelsis responsible to perform its functions and4/4(4).

Tata Steel has been honoured with various awards and recognitions for its contribution to various disciplies: Best performing Integrated Steel Plant, Operational Excellence, CSR, HR, R&D, best-in-class Products & Services, Ethics & Values, Risk Management, sustainability and many more. the society directly or indirectly. This realization resulted into the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This research paper moves around developing an understanding about the corporate social responsibility (CSR), delving into its concept and finding out its scope taking the case study of the TATA Group. The Tata Group has become one of India's largest and most respected business groups. The Companies which form a major part of the group include Tata Steel, Corus Steel, Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Tea, Tata Power, Tata Communications, Taj Hotels and Tata Motors. The current chairman is Ratan Tata taking who preceded J.R.D. Tata in

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) focuses on the wealth creation for the optimal benefit of all stakeholders – including shareholders, employees, customers, environment and society. During the period to , Tata Steel faced many challenges in respect of quality, global cost competitiveness, capacity expansion and modernization, overstaffing, change management and transformation into customer-driven culture, and shift in focus from steel commodity business to Tata Steel brand products.

Ata steel organisational culture essay
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