An analysis of how iq tests measure a persons intelligence

Have you taken an IQ test before. Both times in school when I was young. No, I have no idea of my test results, I only know that the school had a dramatic reaction to my testing and seemed to think my test results were surprisingly high. Quote Do you think this is a true way of testing ones intelligence?

An analysis of how iq tests measure a persons intelligence

This is very important were education is concerned.


Intelligence as we all know is not age related and yet in our country we still group our children according to age rather than ability level. We all know there are different "intelligents" out there no-one is arguing that, eg. If I can accept and appreciate you for being very talented at a sport or art and relish the fact you are able to reach your full potential by providing training, sports academies, art colleges, can you not by the same token appreciate that someone else has a talent academically in the gifted IQ range and would you then not like to see them reach their full potential by being provided the right education in gifted academies.

Remember these high level IQ people are our doctors, scientists, biochemists, researchers. And we all know what these people do for the betterment of society.

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Properly administered academic testing is essential for those requesting special educational needs whether at the lower or higher end of the IQ scale above and below average. We need to get a proper match for everyones abilities rather than a standard curriculum for everybody.

This way we all benefit. Somehow people view the results of these tests as definitive of their personality. People in the gifted and profoundly gifted range are wary of revealing their IQ because of others attitudes who don't have as high a level, and don't understand what it really means.

These same people will make it difficult for high academic achievers to realise their full potential. Everyother country in the world support their academic youth.Journal ol Consulting Psychology , Vol.

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An analysis of how iq tests measure a persons intelligence

VERNON University of Western Ontario This study investigates the relationship between a number of measures of speed of cognitive information-processing and intelligence test scores. Now a days IQ tests are considered to be the means to measure intelligence, at the same time a different school of though have their doubts whether IQ tests be a symbol of a person's true level on intelligence.

A Cross-Cultural Analysis of the Fairness of the Cattell Culture Fair Intelligence Test Using the Rasch Model ence intelligence test scores (Hunt, ; Jordan, ; measure intelligence appear to have been based mostly on Spearman’s single factor theory of general ability. You can see that an IQ score of will always mean that a person is exactly where the average person would be, so an IQ of will always mean average intelligence for IQ.

But intelligence testing has also been accused of unfairly stratifying test-takers by race, gender, class and culture; of minimizing the importance of creativity, character and practical know-how; and of propagating the idea that people are born with an unchangeable endowment of intellectual potential that determines their success in life.

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