A look at the tune of the music industry

So where do we begin?

A look at the tune of the music industry

When they called me the first time, they offered to fly me to NYC. I was at Suffolk University at this point; I stepped out of class and saw that I had like 15 missed calls and voice mails. I Googled the name of the dude from the voice mails, because that is the gift the Internet gave to the antisocial, and eventually called him back.

He picked up and immediately gave me both barrels of enthusiasm: Cause we can get you Rondo's jock. He's one member of a tiny group that runs the record industry, and he came over to chill with me and have dinner.

U.S. Music Mid-Year Report

Because that's not going to inflate a broke year-old's ego. He asked, "You wrote this song all by yourself? Then he sent me an email on the weekend, mainly to let me know that he never sends emails on the weekend. Your song played huge when we tested it in Miami, we want to sign you and fly you down.

Although the record industry does shut down completely by 5 p. Hip-hop apparently keeps DMV hours. It was all just smoke being blown up my ass. Monte sent excited email after excited email about how big I was about to be and how we were "just getting started.

I guess he was trying to type "We're just getting started on the process of firing you" and hit enter too soon. I'd do it in my live show, put it on an album, and then roll about in piles of literally dozens of dollar bills.

Continue Reading Below Advertisement But in the recording industry, you might make 25 songs and none of them ever see the light of day. You develop real thick skin. I'd pour my heart into a song, spend all day making it, everyone in the recording room would be feeling it We'd all be stoked, and then I'd send it to Universal in an email, and a few minutes later: I realized then that we were at the "you either win a Grammy and sell lots of records or get the fuck out of Hollywood" point.

I didn't realize I had sent you the "not it" song, when I clearly meant to attach the "it" file. And that's part of what I love about music -- great descriptions and verses. But that's the opposite of what my label wanted.

I got in the studio for the first time and spent like five hours writing what I thought was one of my best songs yet, only to hear: We just need the hook.

All Universal really cares about is a catchy chorus. The label comes up with a chorus, a pre-chorus, and a melody, and then they fill in the blanks with people like me. In pop music, artists are like those Styrofoam packing peanuts, just there to make sure nothing shifts around too much in transit.

Recording Careers

When it comes down to the music, the labels have a very narrow idea of what they want, and no new artist is going to change their minds.

The producer they paired me with did a lot of dance music. You know -- "bottles in the club, bitches on my junk, Cadillacs literally infesting my house" type stuff. I don't do that, and the song that got me noticed was nothing like that. But once I was signed, that's the only thing they wanted from me.

Like a fool, I thought that meant they wanted me to keep making my style of music. But they just wanted to take my name, my sorta-notoriety from one hit, and plug "Spose" into a bunch of pop songs.

Probably because it's really easy to rhyme with "hos. We all like to imagine the songs we like being penned with a shaking hand by some weeping artist staring out at the sunset and letting the muse guide his soul. But when it comes to pop, it's much more likely that those lyrics were banged out by a conference room full of writers trying to rhyme "make it rain" with "hand grenade" because it's late and they're working against a deadline.Some music industry professionals, such as DJ and producer Armin Van Buuren, trumpet the benefits of streaming—especially for enabling people to listen to the music they love wherever and whenever.

Van Buuren, who has more than million followers on Spotify, points out that free streaming doesn’t mean artists don’t get paid. Mar 25,  · The result is that the music industry finds itself fighting over pennies while waving goodbye to dollars.

For instance, the growing but still specialized market for vinyl records is generating. If you’re unfamiliar with Auto-tune, and especially if you listen to much pop and rock, you might not hear it initially. When overdone, the effect . Our list of music careers in the music industry.

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Research and discover music careers across all fields of the music business, including career descriptions. Job Description: Piano Technicians tune and repair pianos.

Salary: $19, to $59, Take a look at our music school listings in the United States, Canada, and the UK. If you're. Get the latest music news, watch video clips from music shows, events, and exclusive performances from your favorite artists.

A look at the tune of the music industry

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How does the Music Industry work: Music Publishers, Syncs and Licensing